First you love, and peace will follow.


Singer/songwriter Mary Dube is an active idealist who believes ‘We (Canadians) are privileged to be able to stand up, speak out and take action.’

Grassroots-environmental action in the year 2000 caused Mary to become a Founding Director of The Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust. However, “We can’t save the planet if we keep blowing it up”.  Already armed with a poem, “Love Unfurled”, written as a twelve year old in response to the racial tension of the 1960’s, Mary later turned the poem into a song and designed The Flag of Love.

The Flag of Love is the missing piece of the peace puzzle.

The Flag of Love is for the global citizen who considers all the world home and all the people family. The flag is a non-political and non-religious universal symbol of hope that lovingly shows our connection to each other and our planet.

Flag of Love Day, May 4th, reminds us to exercise our human right to love, cherish and forgive one another.  Citizens and governments around the globe are encouraged to spread the love on Flag of Love Day and throughout the year. Join the F.O.L.D.  (Flag of Love Day).


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